Post-Ticketing Service Fees ‡‡

Applies ToForCancellation & Refund (Within 4 hrs)
Agent Assisted Cancellation(1)Cancellation & Refund requested within 4 hours of bookingFlat AU$39
Applies ToForCancellation & Refund (Within 4-24 hrs)
Agent Assisted Cancellation(1)Cancellation & Refund requested within 4-24 hours of bookingTicket Cost AU$468: AU$39
Ticket Cost AU$469 - AU$624: AU$55
Ticket Cost AU$625 - AU$779: AU$78
Ticket Cost AU$781 - AU$1169: AU$117
Ticket Cost above AU$1169: 10% of Gross Ticket Amount
Applies ToForCancellation (beyond 24 hrs)
Agent Assisted Cancellation w/Future Credit(1)Cancellation & Refunds (beyond 24 hrs)Air - EconomyAir - Business/First
AU$63 AU$63 AU$117 AU$156 
Applies ToForRefund (beyond 24 hrs)
Agent Assisted Cancellation w/Refund(2)Cancellation & Refunds (beyond 24 hrs)Air - EconomyAir - Business/First
AU$156 AU$312 AU$312 AU$312

Changes to Existing Tickets (exchange)

Agent Assisted ChangesAir - EconomyAir - Business/First
Within 10 days of new travel date(1)AU$195 AU$312 AU$312 AU$312
Beyond 10 days of new travel date(2)AU$117 AU$273 AU$273 AU$273

Special Services

Agent Assisted WaiversAir - EconomyAir - Business/First
AU$78 AU$117 AU$156 AU$234
Fees for Agent Assistance Seeking Refund or Future Airline Credit for Listed Reasons
Death/Bereavement Duplicate bookingMedicalName Change
Name CorrectionNo ShowRouting ChangesUNMR
Visa IssuesDenied Boarding 

Post-Ticketing Service Fees

Please note that we also offer Exclusive Discounts under our Compassion Exception Policy (CEP). This policy is applicable to Military, Bereavement, and the Visually Impaired.

Terms And Conditions:

  • All refunds or future credits on airline fares are subject to the applicable airline’s fare rules, policies, and procedures. A service charge may be applicable for all changes, refunds, cancellations, and future credits, on a per-passenger, per-ticket basis.

  • Our transaction (booking) fees and post-ticketing service fees are non-refundable and subject to change without any prior notice. These fees are in addition to any airline and/or other supplier fees and charges. Know more about our Service Fees here.

  • Any taxes or fees imposed by the Government are subject to change. The final total amount displayed or quoted by our agent is the sole amount you will be charged.

  • Most of our airline tickets are non-refundable, except for the following conditions:

  • Some exceptions to the above-quoted service fees:

    1. - Our Travel Suppliers’ fare rules permit cancellations and refunds.

    2. - We have accepted the request for a refund.

    3. - The booking is not a “no show” (most “no show” bookings are not eligible for any waiver from suppliers for refund processing).

    4. - If we are able to secure waivers from suppliers to process the requested cancellation and refund.

    5. Read more about our Cancellation & Refund Policy here.

  • Service fees for contact center service bookings (including multi-stop and round-the-world itineraries) may incur additional service fees compared to online bookings. These fees may range from AU$16 to AU$312 per passenger (up to AU$156 for senior citizens) and can include premium package benefits.

  • Special services are available only on a request basis, and are subject to each airline’s review and approval process, along with their associated fare rules, policies, and procedures. Any applicable special service fees will be charged once the service(s) is provided; however, these fees may be refunded if the request is denied by the airline.

    1. - Misspelt Name: The name on the airline ticket does not correspond to the name on their passport or other government-issued ID.

    2. - Visa/Passport: A request may require a letter of Visa /Passport denial in order to be processed.

    3. - Baggage: Please keep all receipts and luggage tags.

    4. - No-Show: Documentation to explain why you could not make your planned departure is required.

    5. - Denied Booking: Documentation to explain why you were not allowed to board your planned flight will be needed.

    6. - Duplicate Tickets: A refund request must include copies of tickets with identical itineraries that were booked with us.